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"Always Be A First Rate Version Of Yourself Rather Than A Second Rate Version of Somebody Else"

mr. “im fabulous and i know it”

mr. “im fabulous and i know it”

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Hope is the only thing keeping me going

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Actual 5 year old Damon in his Camaro requested by stanningdamonsalvatore

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Creating Leaf Art with @143roy

For more photos and videos of Roy’s leaf art, follow @143roy on Instagram.

“I grew up in a place where most houses have their own mango, guava or other fruit-bearing trees in their backyards,” says Philippines Instagrammer Roy Mallari (@143roy). “We have a mango tree and an avocado tree that I planted myself, and the materials for my leaf art mainly come from this avocado tree.”

Inspired by other Instagrammers like Red Hongyi @redhongyi who create and share their original artwork on Instagram, Roy also began exploring his creativity by taking household objects and arranging them into his drawings and designs. Besides avocado leaves, he likes to use flowers, twigs, stones and and even leftover egg shells from breakfast.

“Leaf art is a result of my wide imagination, where I can create art from the simplest things that often go unnoticed,” explains Roy. “It brings out the real me, as it allows me to pursue what my heart desires the most—which is art.”

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Stefan in ” Welcome to Paradise “

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Damon “im fabulous and i know it” Salvatore

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